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[Simple Machines] is an idea-generating force for our organization.
Bill Lowe, President of Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services

Does this sound like you?

The Scenario: You have a strong inclination that you're leaving some revenue on the table, and in order to claim it, you're looking to re-assess your company's marketing strategy. You have plenty of resources to execute your plan, it just comes down to putting the plan together and committing to getting it done.

The Problem: What should you change? It's difficult to think about these changes from a truly objective standpoint. Modifying the plan a bit doesn't seem like it will drive the big improvements that you want, and yet the more drastic and creative ideas you have seem to be very risky. Does the strategy really even need to be changed in the first place? How do you know you aren't attempting to fix something that isn't even broken?

The Process: You need a way to build this new strategy from the bottom up. You need to go back to the basics; don't think of it as modifying the current plan, think of it as building a new plan using more recent information. If you can truly remove all bias -- not thinking about components of the strategy as "old" or "new" or anything else -- then you can feel confident in the output, even if you come to some of the same conclusions as before.

The Solution: Simple Machines Marketing can give you a completely objective perspective on your marketing opportunities -- from outside the echo chamber. By utilizing the most basic elements of marketing, you can receive informed counsel that is free of the proverbial box that inevitably forms when a precedent has been set in a business environment. Whether it's your target market, your brand, your channels, or anything in between, Simple Machines Marketing can give you a complete picture of your marketing situation, which will give you a powerful perspective on your marketing challenges.

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