Simple Machines Marketing
The [Simple Machines] team has really taken the time to understand our company and approach, which has been a vital first step in building our marketing program.
- Tom Taylor, Owner of Phase 1 Consulting

Why Simple Machines?

Rather than explain why we think you should work with us, we prefer to let the success we've achieved for our clients speak for itself. 


"The nice thing is I feel like I'm able to hire this entire marketing department... whereas I could never afford to do that otherwise on my budget."

- Pat Downes, Owner of AAA Pool Service


"With Simple Machines, I have the guidance and the resources to help me operate smarter."

- Bill Lowe, President of Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services

Case Studies

AAA - Logo

Using research to identify effective differentiators »

For marketing to produce results, every component of the operation must work in concert; the right message must reach the right audience at the right time. Case in point: AAA Pool Service.


Building a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation »

The biggest challenge for a new business is achieving visibility. By building a marketing plan that utilizes efficient channels and converts visibility into qualified leads, a new business can quickly get the critical footing it needs to succeed. Case in point: Video Parachute.

UMHR - logo

Thinking "outside the box" to access hard-to-reach audiences »

When the data suggests that go-to marketing approaches will fail to reach unique audiences, sometimes you have to try find a back door. Case in point: United Methodist Healthcare Recruitment.


Using Research to Make Sense of a Complicated Marketplace »

A critical goal of every branding initiative is clarity – expressing a company’s brand so that the audience understands it completely. Sometimes, you have to look outside the box to make sense of a confusing marketplace. Case in point: ICOMM.


Using careful, measured execution to create sustained channel growth »

The best marketing channels are those that turn into assets that appreciate in value over time. Case in point: Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services (CMSS).


Using data to drive continued improvement »

A marketing execution is never finalized – successful marketing channels are constantly being monitored, analyzed, and improved. Case in point: Switchfast Technologies

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