Simple Machines Top Blogs of 2021

As we come to the end of the year and the team takes some time to recharge, we’re rounding up our most popular posts from 2021.

Where in 2020 we saw a spike in interest around navigating uncertainty and making sense of complex data, the common thread this year seemed to be an interest in tactics – from getting started with paid ads to email optimization and marketing technology tips.

Catch up with some of our readers’ favorites below, and if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at the top right of this page.

1. A Beginner’s Guide to Running Google Paid Display Campaigns

This year, Sara Costello on our team developed a series of how-to guides for setting up and launching your first paid campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

In this piece, she covers the unique process of building a paid Display campaign on Google. By the end of this blog, you should feel confident in your ability to launch a Display campaign on your own.

Get started here

2. The Pros and Cons of Bing Ads vs. Google Ads

While Google Ads has the dominant share of the paid search market, there are also millions of searches being done every day using Bing.

In our comparison piece, we walk through the pros and cons of each to help you decide whether you should choose one over the other – or whether both should be in your marketing mix.

What you should consider

3. How to Create a Win-Back Email Campaign (With Examples)

In the bag of “quick win” marketing tricks, the win-back campaign is an oldie but goodie. It’s easy, effective and it costs nothing.

While subscription-based businesses tend to be all over this strategy, it can also be a great fit for non-subscription-based B2B companies like manufacturers, tech and service providers, too.

Use our campaign outline to get started

4. AI in Email Marketing: Send Time Optimization

Artificial intelligence (AI) saw a big uptick in adoption in 2021, and more businesses are finding it to be a useful and efficient way to optimize marketing channels like email.

As we researched the best integrations for AI and email marketing, we discovered tools like Seventh Sense, which uses machine learning to personalize email delivery times for better engagement.

How AI can boost your emails

5. HubSpot Custom Objects: A Simple Explanation With Examples

One of our first posts of the year dug into HubSpot’s rollout of custom objects, which lets users track data categories and events that don’t fit with standard objects.

To make a technical topic easier to digest, we provided a jargon-free explanation with examples to demonstrate how the feature might be used.

Learn about custom objects

Have ideas for topics you’d like to read about in 2022? Send us a note at inquiries@simplemachinesmarketing or on Twitter @SmplMachines with your ideas.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next year.