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"The [Simple Machines] team has really taken the time to understand our company and approach, which has been a vital first step in building our marketing program."

- Tom Taylor, Owner of Phase 1 Consulting


Need A Marketing Plan?

The Scenario: It's taken a lot of hard work, but you have a high quality product or service available to your customers. You know it's good because of the feedback you've been getting and the referrals from satisfied customers. Now, it's time to grow.

The Problem: Where to begin? You know you need to invest some money and you're prepared to do so, but your budget needs to be allocated wisely. When you invest, you need a line of sight to a return. You have some ideas and intuition about some channels, but how can you be sure you'll get the ROI you need to make your marketing investment worthwhile?

The Process: You need two things, and they are both of equal importance: (1) a ton of great information about your market, your competition and industry trends, and (2) a way to focus all of that information into a step-by-step plan. It is of critical importance not to start thinking about channels yet. An effective strategy always begins with a thorough understanding of the context in which your plan will be executed. If the strategy is sound, the execution will be simple.

The Solution: Simple Machines Marketing will work with you to create this plan in a timely and efficient manner. It begins with an assessment of your market and a comparison of your own strengths with those of your competitors. Next, a brand and message are forged from your strengths and targeted to where your greatest opportunities exist. Finally, a channel execution plan is produced, setting up an actionable roadmap based on where you'll see the biggest bang for your buck. The plan is designed to be both measurable and malleable, so you can react quickly and effectively to new data and developments. When it's time to launch the plan, Simple Machines has the resources and expertise to take on however much of plan you need help executing. 

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