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-Bill Lowe, President of Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services


You Need Some Marketing Help

The Scenario: It's time to get more strategic. Perhaps you need to overcome a visibility challenge or you’re simply looking for more efficient lead generation. You’ve tried a few tactics that have produced mixed or no results, and you've come to realize that marketing takes time and effort; there's no quick fix. You’re ready to benefit from a marketing operation that’s firing on all cylinders.

The Problem: You’re not sure why the tactics you’ve tried didn’t produce the results you were expecting, and it’s not clear what's working and what's not. You know it takes time before marketing channels see traction, but the last thing you need is to commit to a channel without a clear picture of what to expect or a line of sight to gauging results quickly and effectively. You need help bringing your marketing plan into focus.   

The Process: To understand which tactics to use and how to make sense of the results, you need a comprehensive plan and a framework for measuring ROI. By leveraging research to define the strongest opportunities for growth, you can build a step-by-step plan to hit your goals for growth. Then, by developing SMART goals and benchmarks tied to your revenue targets,  you can benefit from a system to assess and forecast your return on investment.

The Solution: The first step is to learn about your company and your market. Only after doing this can a strategy and channel plan be produced that will align with your goals, preserve your brand and develop pertinent data that can be used to analyze marketing campaigns and project ROI. Once the channel plan is in place, we'll help you execute and provide the reporting and analysis to make sense of the results.

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