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The Scenario: It's time to get more strategic. Perhaps you need to overcome a visibility challenge or you’re simply looking to get the most efficient lead generation from your budget. You’ve tried a few tactics that have produced mixed or no results, and you've come to realize that marketing takes time and effort; there's no quick fix or silver bullet. Now, you’re ready to shift gears and benefit from a marketing operation that’s firing on all cylinders.

The Problem: You’re not sure why the tactics you’ve tried didn’t produce the results you were expecting, and it’s not clear whether they're worth more investment or if you should try something else. You understand that it often takes time before marketing channels see traction, but the last thing you need is to commit to a channel without a clear picture of what to expect and a line of sight to gauging results quickly and effectively. You need help bringing your marketing plan into focus.   

The Process: Outsourcing will get you the expertise you need at a level of investment you can afford, but not just any firm will do. You could hire interns if you just needed someone to push the buttons -- but you need to leverage the expertise you're getting to take a critical look at your goals and market, and then provide honest feedback regarding the best way to execute a given channel. The help you need must be able to go beyond simply deploying something; you need a consultant that can accept, understand and ultimately enhance your master plan by fitting channels in where they will make the most difference and providing the analysis needed for agile responses to data and developments.

The Solution: Simple Machines Marketing can provide a supplement to your marketing department in the truest sense of the word. As much a consultant as an executer, we can provide the level of insight and involvement you need to reach your goals. The first step is to learn about your company and your market -- only then can a channel plan be produced that truly aligns with the rest of your operation, preserving brand and messaging and producing pertinent data that can be used to analyze effectiveness in a manner that makes sense for your company's vision. This holistic, ground-up approach is the closest you can get to hiring and training your own team of experts, but at a price that's reasonable and in a timeframe that's manageable.

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