Project Description

Thinking "outside the box" to access to hard-to-reach audiences

Case Study

Building a strong digital marketing strategy for lead generation

The biggest challenge for a new business is achieving visibility. By building a marketing plan that utilizes efficient channels and converts visibility into qualified leads, a new business can quickly get the critical footing it needs to succeed. Case in point: Video Parachute.

Based on Simple Machines Marketing’s research, search marketing was identified as a strong opportunity for Video Parachute to compete for a bigger share of its market. After optimizing the site for search and conversion, Simple Machines executed an SEO campaign that led to significant gains. Over the course of seven months, Video Parachute’s High Value Keyword (HVK) traffic increased by 2200%. (HVK traffic is comprised of visitors who landed on the site through search without searching for the business by name.)

“Because of the work Simple Machines has done, our site is now ranking on the first page of Google results for quality key phrases including Chicago video editing.”

Along with search optimization, Simple Machines used PPC advertising to gain immediate search presence with users searching for Video Parachute’s services. Through daily management, Video Parachute’s AdWords campaign has seen strong improvement in the rate of conversions, click volume, and click through rate – reaching a CTR of approximately 1.5%.

Part of the SEO strategy also included lining up and writing guest blog posts and articles on behalf of Video Parachute for relevant, authoritative websites. Blog posts attributed and linked to Video Parachute have been published on several websites that have helped establish expertise and drive traffic, including, ViralHeat. com, and Simple Machines also ensured that Video Parachute is included and optimized in a high volume of reputable industry directories. Some have proven to be consistent drivers of traffic, such as – which has resulted in over 100 visits and 4 conversions in just over two months.

By following cohesive digital marketing strategy based on thorough research, Simple Machines has helped Video Parachute gain crucial visibility and a consistent stream of new leads.

“My experience with Simple Machines Marketing has been nothing but positive. They delivered on all they said they would and did so in a timely manner… most importantly, business is up from last year.”

Client Profile

Video Parachute is a Chicago-based video production and editing company. While the business is relatively new, the staff have years of experience. With a small, agile team, Video Parachute delivers a personalized, flexible approach, developing a thorough understanding of clients’ style and goals and adapting to their specific needs.


Video Parachute was very new and had not established any significant visibility when they contacted Simple Machines Marketing. They had a simple website that featured some of their work, but it drew minimal traffic and included no differentiators to help it stand out from its competitors. With the aim of driving new leads, Video Parachute approached Simple Machines for help.


After researching Video Parachute’s competitors and market, Simple Machines delivered a marketing plan, including recommendations for the website, branding and messaging, and an execution plan for SEO, AdWords and content marketing. Web copy was honed to focus on its specialty – results-oriented business video services – and design was updated to optimize conversions. Simple Machines then moved forward with SEO, content marketing and Google AdWords.