Project Description

Case Study

Boosting event attendance with lead optimization and targeted campaigns

When businesses launch new marketing campaigns, the primary goals tend to focus on lead generation and conversion optimization. One important but often overlooked component to success is the infrastructure and strategy that ensures proper vetting, responding and nurturing to turn new leads into customers.

By creating strong internal framework for how leads should be processed and followed up with, new businesses can ensure leads are effectively followed up with and managed — which ultimately results in more efficient campaigns and increased conversions. Case in point: Japan Math Corp.

Our Process:

Japan Math came to Simple Machines Marketing for help generating leads and amplifying their trade show presence.

Initially we took the chance to assess the company’s existing materials and processes. We found opportunities to improve their website copy and information hierarchies, SEO, lead generation and CRM use before we set to work boosting inbound educational resources and trade show lead nurturing campaigns.

While these improvements will help in the long run, the issue stood that Japan Math needed to attract and convert new users in the first quarter of 2019 to meet their sales goals.

We began by assessing Japan Math’s lead tracking infrastructure. We found that between MailChimp and their CRM, Salesforce, there were opportunities to clean up their mailing lists and target contacts in the western United States who would most likely be able to attend the upcoming workshop at NCTM San Diego

Once we had an active list of qualified contacts, we created an email campaign of two parts. The first email was sent to spread awareness of the workshop Dr. Takahashi was presenting and make attendees familiar with the event taking place during the conference.

Users were directed to a landing page that allowed them to register for the workshop with the core learning objectives made visible to appeal their educators’ sensibilities and classroom implementation needs.

Additionally, targeting Japan Math’s loyal social media following, we shared the announcement across Facebook and Twitter, including relevant event and industry hashtags.

The second email announced that registration for the workshop was open and users could sign up to reserve their seat. Again, we pointed users towards the event registration page on Japan Math’s site and shared the materials via social media.

The Outcome:

For the second conference in a row, we were able to fill all the available seating at the NCTM conference and provided proof-of-concept for Japan Math to explore hosting educator workshops independent of teachers conferences.

“We filled the room today at the workshop! Thanks again for your help.”

-Reina Hirose, Marketing Manager at Japan Math

Client Profile

Japan Math has been at the forefront of mathematical education for Japanese students since 1933. The U.S. subsidiary began in 2015 with a mission to provide quality education to children in all environments across the globe.

The Problem

Japan Math works with world-renowned educator Dr. Akihiko Takahashi. He leads educational workshops for teachers who want to learn about implementing Japan Math.

Japan Math was not drawing large enough attendance to Dr. Takahashi’s workshops to hit their goals, so Simple Machines was asked to help.

Our Solution

We started by creating a tracking protocol for Japan Math to follow as new leads came in.

Next, from their available contacts, we established a targeted mailing list of people who could potentially attend Japan Math’s workshop in California.

After specifying our audience, we built a two-stage email strategy – first raising awareness about Dr. Takahashi’s workshop, and then announcing registration for the event.

As a result, Japan Math was able to successfully fill all available seats for their next two conferences.