Project Description

Case Study

Using data to drive continued improvement

A marketing execution is never finalized – successful marketing channels are constantly being monitored, analyzed, and improved. Case in point: Switchfast Technologies

Under pressure to find a more active method to drive growth, Switchfast Technologies wisely determined that its next marketing investment should be one that appreciated in value over time. Switchfast tasked Simple Machines with building a lead generation channel that could feed a growing sales force now and in the future.

Recognizing that outsourced IT support is a field driven by need but limited by service contracts, Simple Machines recommended a full-scale telemarketing campaign that relied heavily on CRM and email tactics to produce a frequent and diverse set of prospect touches. This approach blended the best aspects of an aggressive cold- calling campaign with those of a passive drip-marketing campaign, creating immediate attention while building a pipeline of contacts waiting to be turned into sales leads when the moment was right.

“I was really impressed with the amount of ownership [Simple Machines] took in the results. Every time they reported results, they were prepared to talk about their plan for improving the campaign – even if the numbers in front of me already looked great.”

– Jim Anderson, CEO

The true magic of the approach, however, lies in its iterative model of feedback and improvement. Meticulously tracking everything from the average length of calls under different scripts to the average amount of time between initial contact with a prospect and the day a sales appointment could be set, Simple Machines implemented tweaks to the campaign on a monthly basis – testing new introductions, scripts, collateral, calling schedules, voicemail messages, post-call contact strategies, calling lists, and everything else that could have an effect on the success of the callers. The constant purging of obsolete tactics led to a steady increase in efficiency, measured by number of leads per phone call made.

“The results speak for themselves. We were hit just as hard as everyone else by the economic crash, but we came out of it even stronger than we were before, and much of that can be credited to the steady stream of business leads we now have.”

– Jim Anderson, CEO

Company Profile

Highly focused on effective communication and strong client relationships, Switchfast Technologies has been solving IT issues for clients in the Chicagoland area since 2001. Designed to operate as an extension of its clients’ infrastructure, Switchfast builds and supports all manner of business IT solutions, from desktops to VoIP phones to the cloud.


After enjoying several years of rapid growth through referrals, the economic recession of 2008 put a wrench in the small business community’s willingness to invest in technology. As the referrals dried up, Switchfast needed to find a reliable way to actively seek new business – and one that could prioritize opportunities that led to recurring service revenue above those that led to large infrastructure projects that were becoming less realistic for clients in the midst of the economic crash.


Simple Machines recommended building a dedicated appointment setting operation based on a blend of cold calling and email marketing to drive qualified sales leads. After carefully crafting a script and approach for callers, Simple Machines continuously evaluated every aspect of the campaign during execution, making changes each month. The result was a channel that became more productive each quarter, serving as the primary source of leads to a sales force that managed to drive Switchfast to continued growth throughout the recession.