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Consistent first page rankings for all target keywords

Sustainable long term growth in website traffic, inbound leads and sales opportunities

Case Study

Demand Generation Drives Consistent Growth in Traffic and Qualified Leads for IT Company


Switchfast had a goal to develop a complete and professional marketing strategy with a budget and measurable goals that they could track and use to determine ROI. In particular, they wanted to increase inbound lead generation – and with a small sales team, they needed to increase efficiency so that the sales team could stay focused on selling to target accounts.


Our first project was to build the foundation for inbound marketing. This involved research, refining positioning and messaging, building the inbound strategy, establishing buyer personas and mapping out a new website experience that would attract and convert their target audience.

Once the new website was in place, we worked to begin generating demand through regular optimized content, lead generation campaigns and SEO. We onboarded Switchfast to HubSpot so that leads could be efficiently and effectively prioritized and nurtured, and we eventually moved the CMS to HubSpot to enable more personalized and dynamic content for various personas, lifecycle stages and industries.

After testing various Google Ad campaigns and other paid media channels, we landed on a mix of organic content, paid social and display remarketing as the mix that successfully created the brand awareness and lead generation Switchfast needed to fill their pipeline.

“Simple Machines Marketing helps us remain at the cutting-edge, which is so important in the technology industry.”

Tim Schmitt, VP of Client Services, Switchfast

Tim Schmitt, VP of Client Services, Switchfast


After completing the upfront research and build-out work and taking a data-driven approach to ongoing optimization, demand generation efforts have consistently gained traction and momentum over time.

In the exceedingly competitive space of managed IT services, Switchfast maintains a prominent and durable presence in organic Google search results – eliminating the need to spend significantly for top placements through Google Ads.

“We consistently rank on the first page of Google for all of the keywords we’re most interested in. Their work has also increased both inbound and qualified sales leads.”

Tim Schmitt, VP of Client Services, Switchfast

Tim Schmitt, VP of Client Services, Switchfast

With a  contextual, conversion-friendly website and a tried-and-tested library of gated content, nurturing worfklows and lead scoring framework in HubSpot, we have optimized Switchfast’s funnel and reduced the time needed to qualify, prioritize and follow up with leads.

Over time, we’ve been able to focus our scope of work just on the most efficient channels that have proven themselves over the years.

Client Profile

Switchfast Technologies is a managed services provider that has been serving small businesses in the Chicagoland area since 2001. By specializing in high-touch, proactive service tailored to the small business market, Switchfast is regularly named a top provider in the country by organizations such as Best & Brightest, Clutch and others.

Case Study Highlights

  • Managed service provider lacked marketing strategy and in-house resources to drive traffic and qualified leads
  • Simple Machines developed the strategy for Switchfast, designed a new website, onboarded HubSpot and managed demand generation efforts
  • Key deliverables: Website strategy and design, SEO, demand generation, HubSpot CMS onboarding, Google Ads and remarketing ad management, ABM, sales enablement, event planning, webinars