Traffic increased by 213% QoQ
Inbound leads increased from 0 to 39 in first quarter
3 ABM campaigns launched

Case Study

Inbound and ABM Drive Leads for Print and Fulfillment Business


Having attempted everything from trade shows and direct mail to cold calls and webinars in the past, BFC was starting to doubt that marketing could ever make the phone ring from someone they didn’t already know. When they approached Simple Machines, their mandate was clear: create awareness in the market and drive new leads.


After completing the research and analysis to uncover BFC’s best positioning opportunity, we refreshed the website’s design and navigation, updated the messaging and optimized the website for search and conversions. We also implemented HubSpot to set up automated lead nurturing workflows and campaign assets such as lead capture forms and landing pages.

Next, we drove traffic to the site using a mix of search-optimized blogs, gated content, paid and organic social media and email marketing. We worked with the sales team to ensure a clear and effective lead qualification and marketing-to-sales handoff system, automated wherever possible.

Once the inbound campaign was up and running, we layered on account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns to begin generating demand among targeted industries. We used industry-specific content, landing pages, direct mail and event-focused advertising to create awareness and generate opportunities for the BFC sales team.

“Customers are able to find us now, so we’ve seen increased activity on our website. People are also staying on the website longer. We’ve seen increased calls requesting information that we were not receiving before. For example, we’ve received 2 new clients since April.”

Lori Nelson, VP of Marketing and Business Development, BFC

Lori Nelson, VP of Marketing and Business Development, BFC


In the first quarter of launching, BFC went from 0 to 39 new inbound contacts and service inquiries. Where the website was getting 1,621 monthly visits in before the launch, traffic increased by over 213% to 4,927 visits in 3 months.

Rather than relying on cold calls and emails, BFC began to find not only were more prospects aware of their brand, but that they were finding them on their own accord – a trend that continued to improve over time.

Client Profile

A family-owned and operated company based in Batavia, Illinois, BFC provides printing, mailing and fulfillment services along with the technology to manage and implement printing. From on demand print and fulfillment to automated technology solutions, BFC is a company of experts at producing and delivering printed and digital communications.

Case Study Summary

  • Family-owned print, mail and fulfillment company lacked brand awareness and relied exclusively on outbound sales and referrals for new business. Lack of brand clarity was also making it difficult to attract and close new business.
  • Simple Machines established a clear positioning direction and applied the messaging themes to the website and collateral. New awareness and leads were generated with a mix of inbound marketing using HubSpot lead nurturing to attract and convert new leads through the website, and ABM which targeted verticals  through a mix of email, trade show marketing, digital advertising and direct mail.
  • Key deliverables: Website updates and optimization, HubSpot implementation, SEO, Google Ads management, ABM, content marketing, sales enablement, paid social, direct mail