Project Description

Switchfast Content Marketing

Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation for IT Provider

Switchfast Technologies, a Chicago IT company serving small businesses, needed a way to increase lead generation to meet its goals for growth. In order to build trust with new contacts, the company was looking for a way to demonstrate value for potential prospects early in the sales process.

Simple Machines onboarded Switchfast to HubSpot and launched a series of campaigns centered around content that would be useful to their target audience, resulting in a new stream of top-of-funnel contacts.

Work Completed:

  • Leveraging market research to build buyer personas
  • Developing useful content relevant to these audiences, including a cybersecurity guide, a moving technology checklist, a technology roadmap and questions to ask potential cloud providers
  • Setting up assets and automation including workflows, landing pages and lead quality score
  • Setting goals, planning and executing campaigns through SEO, email, social media, paid advertising and direct mail

Work Examples