Project-Based Engagements

Fixed fee, deliverable focused

A project-based engagement is a good fit if:

You have a plan in place and need additional resources to execute it

You’re looking to pay a flat fee for a clearly defined scope

You need help getting something completed on a deadline

Projects we can help with include:

Website Design
HubSpot Services
Marketing Plan Development
Drift Services

How it works

For project-based engagements, we follow a strict process to ensure that not only have we met your deadline and budget – but that your experience was so good you’ll want to drum up another project so you can partner with us again.

Clear expectations

Your proposal will include all the information you need regarding specs, timelines, milestones, budgets and deliverables. Beyond that, we’ll walk you through a preview of the engagement so that you know exactly what to expect, who’s responsible for what and what’s required of you.

Open communication

Maintaining an open line of communication is foundational to the success of any client engagement, but it’s especially critical for fixed projects with hard deadlines and budgets. By providing regular check-ins, proactive updates and responsive feedback, we make sure you’re never in the dark about what’s happening or what comes next.

Personalized approach

While we follow a similar process behind-the-scenes to ensure projects are on track, we recognize that clients have different preferences for how they engage with agencies. Like to keep all project management and updates in Trello or Basecamp? Can do. Prefer a check in by phone every couple days? No problem! As long as we’re delivering on the work as promised, we’re happy to accommodate whatever approach works best for you.

Featured Projects

Website Development

Integrated Campaign

Plan Development

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