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Whether you’re looking to train a new marketing manager, get your sales team up and running with your new CRM or develop a plan for untested markets, our immersive programs and workshops deliver the skills, expertise and hands-on application your team needs.

We believe training is most effective when the learners have an active role in choosing what they learn. So we made it easy to select from a wide variety of training and workshop options – OR – tell us what you need and we’ll customize training for you.

How do I receive training?

All training is available as in-person workshops, web conference sessions or do-it-yourself with a digital download!

What if I want to order the whole menu?

For a complete training smorgasbord, we offer an immersive, 3-day experience that covers all things sales and marketing to help you tackle business head on. Sign up for 3 days back-to-back or let us know what works for your schedule and we’ll work together to coordinate training with you and your team.

Immersive, 3-Day Training Agenda

Day 1 – Targeting and Markets

  • Create a competitor marketing matrix
  • Define your target market segments, geography and buyer profiles
  • Develop buyer personas for target buyer profiles
  • Create a SWOT analysis chart for market strategy
  • Identify the best opportunities to develop your positioning among competitors
  • Learn to identify opportunity gaps in the competitive market

Day 2 – Position, Message and Channels

  • Create positioning buckets and select the best opportunity to position your company
  • Establish voice and tone for company brand and marketing
  • Identify the best channels to promote services
  • Review the inbound process to align sales and marketing efforts

Day 3 – Tools, Analysis and Sales

  • Get familiar with the layout and tools of HubSpot ’s CRM, sales and marketing tools
  • Develop an understanding of contact records and how to organize contact information in a CRM
  • Review the function of deals pipeline and sales forecasting methods
  • Learn to use HubSpot’s prospects tools to analyze traffic for sales intel
  • Learn to interpret data from HubSpot performance reporting into actionable insights
  • Develop an understanding of sales and marketing alignment and how to enable an aligned culture

Let’s talk! What kind of training are you looking for?

To learn more, complete the form and someone from our team will be in touch to schedule an intro call.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

A customized training session may hold the knowledge you seek. Contact us to share your desired outcome or learning objective and we’ll work with your schedule, goals and budget to create a personalized training. Use the form to get in touch.