Strategic Planning by Simple Machines Marketing

"The [Simple Machines] team has really taken the time to understand our company and approach, which has been a vital first step in building our marketing program."

- Tom Taylor, Owner of Phase 1 Consulting


Strategic Planning

Without a strategic plan in place, your marketing functions more like a collection of ideas and tactics with no roadmap to ensure you’re moving the needle in the right direction. Every service we provide – from the project plan down to the layout of a landing page – is informed by a holistic picture of the marketing puzzle. Developing a full understanding of your company, market, competition and opportunity is critical in building a plan that puts your company on a sustainable path for growth. 

Know Your Target Market

As part of the strategic planning phase, we compile research and analyze your market from every available angle so you know exactly who you’re trying to reach, how they behave and consume, where they can be reached and the trends and influences that affect their decisions.

Find the Best Opportunities to Compete

You can’t gain the advantage in your market without understanding how your competitors are branding themselves and the tactics they’re using to attract business. By comparing your own strengths and weaknesses with those advertised by your competitors, we help you hone in on the best opportunities to stand out in your market.

Define a Compelling Brand

With your best opportunities identified, we use positioning to inform the most compelling themes to help you stake a strong claim to the segment of the market you’re best equipped to serve. From here we craft the brand, image and messaging that will resonate most this market.  

Create a Plan for Growth

Only with all of these elements in place are we ready to build the channels and tactics that will most efficiently deliver your message to the right audience. We deliver the channels in a phased project plan, starting with the most immediate opportunities, so that your roadmap is entirely executable when you receive it. 

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