improvement in paid conversion rate
decrease in cost per lead
YoY increase in lead volume

Case Study

Conversion Optimization for Visual Technology Company


While Threekit had developed a powerful product visualization technology, they needed a website that could clearly and effectively explain and sell their platform. Furthermore, they had seen some mixed results from Google Ads in the past, but they knew they could drive more qualified leads and bring down their cost per acquisition with an optimized and well-managed campaign.

“The impact has been incredible. Simple Machines helped us in a major way.”

Marc Uible, VP of Marketing, Threekit

Marc Uible, VP of Marketing, Threekit


When Threekit came to Simple Machines for help, we started by conducting a thorough audit of their website, HubSpot assets and analytics to understand how users were engaging with the site historically and where there was room to provide a better conversion path. After analyzing this data and reviewing other leading sites in the industry, we began updating the site architecture, page layouts and calls to action to provide a more intuitive, frictionless conversion path. With a website hosted on HubSpot’s CMS, we were able to make use of smart rules to tailor CTAs and content based on different buyer personas and locations.

Once the site had been updated, we used our keyword research and analytics takeaways to build out a new Google Ads campaign, segmented with ads and landing page tailored to the most high-performing ad groups. As we rolled out the Google Ads campaign, we continued optimizing for conversions by conducting regular split tests and using HubSpot’s lead scoring and nurturing capabilities.


With the revamped website and the new Google Ads campaign launched, Threekit saw paid conversion rates increase by 330%, and cost per lead improve by 72.57%.

“We’ve seen a considerable change in web traffic,” said Uible. “Our lead conversion rate is also up. We’ve seen more business overall as a result of their work. Also, some members of our team used to dislike the site, and now it’s much better and easier to use.”

Beyond the initial website project and Google Ads launch, Simple Machines has continued to help drive results for Threekit through ongoing website and Google Ads optimization, HubSpot lead nurturing and sales enablement, conversational marketing via Drift chatbot and more.

“They’re great about testing new ideas. They’ll come to us with a solution, put it to market, and then iterate to make it better. For a startup like us, their speed and agility are huge.”

Marc Uible, VP of Marketing, Threekit

Marc Uible, VP of Marketing, Threekit

Client Profile

Threekit is a visual technology company that uses design files to create 3D renderings, augmented reality and photorealistic images of products. Using CGI software behind movies including Harry Potter and The Avengers, Threekit helps brands deliver an unrivaled product experience.

Case Study Highlights

Visual technology startup needed website optimization and qualified leads from Google Ads.

Simple Machines implemented a new website structure and updated content to create a stronger conversion path, then launched a new Google Ads campaign with segmented ad groups and conversion-friendly landing pages.

Threekit has seen significant improvements in paid traffic conversion rate, cost per lead and total leads generated since working with Simple Machines.

Key deliverables:

  • Website updates
  • Google Ads management
  • HubSpot implementation
  • Drift conversational marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Lead scoring
  • Sales enablement