We like helping small businesses grow.

And we’re good at it.

Think of us as your own marketing department.

From consulting and strategy to automation and data analysis, we provide all of the resources, tools and talent needed to drive growth.  We put in the hard work every day to really understand our clients, adapt to their needs and make them look good.

It’s how we make ourselves indispensable.

Meet the team

Jill Golden
Jill GoldenPresident
Charlie Nadler
Charlie NadlerChief Strategy Officer
Carrie Krakowski
Carrie KrakowskiDirector of Art & Design
Ben Bullock
Ben BullockDirector of Marketing Operations
Jordin Jewell
Jordin JewellAssociate Strategic Director
Steve Lys
Steve LysLead Marketing Strategist
Sara Costello
Sara CostelloDigital Channels Associate


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Our promise: you’ll never have to re-explain “what you do”

Marketing agencies love to talk about the tactics and channels that make them great. We like tactics and channels too — but what good are they if they deliver the wrong message or reach the wrong audience?

What sets us apart is our ability to really get our clients quickly so we know how to speak their language and talk to their customers. This is how we earn the right to be considered trusted partners — and how we shorten the timeline to execution.

Our story

The beginnings of Simple Machines Marketing go back to 2008, when Switchfast Technologies launched a marketing campaign in order to stay competitive through the economic recession. While other companies shrank, Switchfast added new clients and new employees. This success in spite of the odds drew the attention of several existing clients – who wondered if they could get some help with their own marketing.

Before long, Switchfast was sourcing its marketing department to some of its current technology clients. In February 2012, when it was apparent that Switchfast’s “Marketing Services Department” was here to stay, Simple Machines Marketing officially launched.

Our values