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Could your HubSpot be more accurate, efficient or scalable?

If your platform hasn’t been optimized during onboarding and carefully managed, the result can be unclear data, clunky processes and headaches for everyone.

Get answers with a HubSpot audit. Simple Machines provides you with a thorough, objective and actionable audit of your HubSpot portal so you know exactly where improvements need to be made.

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“I was impressed with their thoroughness and professionalism throughout the entire engagement. I would recommend Simple Machines and their audit services for anyone interested in keeping their CRM running at peak optimization.”

Thomas Barrett, iA

Thomas Barrett, iA

What’s included in an audit?

We customize audits to meet the needs and challenges specific to your HubSpot portal. We can do a comprehensive review of your entire HubSpot ecosystem – or a narrower focus to address areas of concern.

Audit of current state

Our team audits your portal, documenting problem areas and compiling recommendations for improvement, tools to add or remove and best practices. This includes a roadmap for mapping and prioritizing recommended updates, along with estimates should you have us make the updates for you.

Findings walk-through

Next, we walk your team through our audit findings, recommendations and roadmap. Our goal is to ensure you know exactly what we’re recommending, why we’re recommending it and how the updates should be made.


If you decide to have us make some or all of the recommended updates, we’ll get to work on the implementation. When finished, we provide documentation and training so your team is working for clear processes moving forward.


Pricing for HubSpot audits varies based on the needs, scope and requirements of the specific project. Get in touch to get a personalized quote.

About Simple Machines

Simple Machines is a Chicago-based, woman-owned and certified LGBT Business Enterprise. As a Certified Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner, we adhere to the industry’s highest standards in our approach to digital work.

From consulting and strategy to automation, web design and data analysis, we provide all the resources, tools and talent needed to drive growth. We put in the hard work every day to really understand our clients, adapt to their needs and make them look good.

It’s how we make ourselves indispensable.

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