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Simple Machines is excited to announce that we’ll be holding our third Office Hours event on November 7th in Downtown Chicago at Tech Nexus.

We invite you to put our staff of marketing strategists and SEO experts to work and pick their brains about how to improve any aspect of your business’s marketing. Not to brag, but we like to think they’ll be able to answer ANY questions you have.

What kind of questions have they fielded in past Office Hours events? Here are a few: 

  • Should I be running LinkedIn ads?
  • How can we get more website leads?
  • Should we be using marketing automation?
  • How do we rank better in search for our keywords?
  • Should I be doing more with social media?
  • Where should we invest our limited marketing budget
  • And more!

Why would we host such an event? We believe that opening our doors, meeting new people and sharing some insights will enrich our community — which we like to do — while growing our network and learning a lot about the goals and challenges other small businesses face.

It’s a win-win!

You’ll walk away with some actionable tips you can use to improve your marketing and lead generation right away. And on top of that, you’ll have met some cool new people (that’s us). 

Why would you not go you ask? That’s a tough one. Maybe we don’t know the answer to every question, but we can tell you how to RSVP.

Go to this page and fill out our RSVP form. Or just show up — RSVPing isn’t necessary — but it does give you the chance to send us any question you have in advance so that we can be prepared to answer it when you come!

The Simple Machines Team is looking forward to seeing you November 7th!