30-minute marketing tactics

In this short series, we’re organizing potential tactics by the amount of time required and the three principles of the inbound methodology they address: attract, engage and delight. Bookmark these posts, and the next time you have time for marketing, refer back to them for tactical ideas and inspiration. 

Below is Part 2 in this series. Read Part 1: 15-Minute Tactics here and Part 3: 60-Minute Tactics here – or get them all in one place here.

Part 2: 30 Minutes


Use the following tactics to attract visitors, earn attention and remove friction as they try to learn about your company. 


Use the following tactics to personalize visitor experiences, foster relationships with potential buyers and nurture leads into loyal customers.

  • Audit the calls-to-action (CTAs) that are being used on your website. Note which are converting the most and which are not, and develop alternate CTAs for the bottom three performers
  • Update your lowest performing lead nurturing workflow with new email copy and make a hypothesis for what type of improvement you expect to see from the update. Make a note to revisit this in 30 days
  • Create a list of contacts in your CRM who haven’t engaged with marketing materials and share that list to your sales team to contact
  • Develop potential concepts for a new remarketing ad campaign
  • Review your email content calendar and draft five subject lines for upcoming campaigns
  • Write responses to a couple recent social media posts from customers or influencers in your industry
  • Write an outline for a potential piece of content that will be valuable to existing and future leads
  • Review your sent emails to leads from the past few months and note any frequently asked questions you find yourself answering again and again. Make a plan to turn this into an email template, a piece of content or both
  • Print out an article that one of your leads might find interesting and send it to them with a note via snail mail
  • If your email platform doesn’t offer the ability to personalize emails at scale, take some time to look into whether an upgrade to marketing automation might be a good investment


Use the following tactics to make your current customers so happy they’ll want to go out and sing the praises of your business.

  • Draft a net promoter score email
  • Consider if there might be a webinar or piece of content your customers would appreciate
  • Research new swag ideas and identify three options that your customers will actually want
  • Start writing your holiday cards
  • Think of a useful introduction you could make for a customer
  • Find a thoughtful book that’s relevant to a customer and send it to them
  • Brainstorm possible promotions or discounts you could offer to repeat customers

A 30-minute window can disappear very easily. Check your email and social feeds, scan the headlines, grab a coffee and suddenly 9:30am becomes 10am.

The next time you see an open 30 minutes in between meetings or at the end of the day, use this list to spark some ideas for using the time to grow your business.

Want a print-friendly reference guide with all of our 15-, 30- and 60-minute tactics in one place?