Marketing Automation

Power and scale your marketing and sales operations.

As a certified HubSpot partner agency, Simple Machines helps you truly leverage HubSpot’s marketing automation to create more personalized campaigns, simplify everyday email marketing and lead nurturing tasks, time your follow-ups better, give you a clearer line of sight to what’s working and achieve faster sales results.

Whether we’re providing HubSpot training and onboarding for your organization or acting as your team that powers it, our team has extensive experience building out the HubSpot marketing automation infrastructure, creating cross-channel campaigns and implementing best practices to ensure your marketing and sales efforts are aligned – so you can achieve better results, faster.

of marketers see a positive ROI within a year

According to figures from Marketo, 76% of companies that implement marketing automation generate a return on their investment within the first year.

Let’s discuss how we can help you maximize your marketing automation investment.

Our Hubspot Certifications

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Here’s why we leverage marketing automation technology to amplify the impact of our marketing.

Faster results

Marketing automation streamlines the process of building and iterating digital collateral at scale, while offering informed insights into the behaviors of your database’s contacts. This combination of technology and intel allows us to deliver the right messages to the right people, moving readers from prospect to customer faster.

Cost-effective campaign development

With a streamlined process in place, we’ll spend less time building and more time optimizing your campaigns.

Powerful lead qualification

Thanks to behavior analytics, predictive lead scoring and demographic information intel gathered by marketing automation tools, you’ll be able to disqualify poor fits, nurture leads who aren’t quite ready to buy while you focus on landing deals with those who are.

Reporting that offers useful insights

Get end-to-end reporting that’s actually useful. More than just marketing metrics that look great on paper but don’t really tell the story of your campaign’s success, your reports will allow you to see the direct impact your marketing has on revenue and the total ROI of your marketing investment.

Useful both externally and internally

Marketing automation isn’t just useful for email automation for prospects, leads and current customers. It can also be used internally to keep your team moving, whether it’s by launching an internal workflow to alert your team to follow up with a hot prospect or to offer key insights about your contacts that will help your sales team have more productive and timely conversations with leads.