Strategy-Based Partnerships

Goal-focused, growth driven

An ongoing strategy-based partnership is a good fit if:

You want a partner who will learn your business inside-out and be committed to your success

You’re looking for a complete team to build out and execute your strategy

You want the flexibility of a retainer that will cover a wide range of services and deliverables

Common areas of tactical support include:

Inbound Marketing
Account-Based Marketing
Sales Enablement

How it works

Strategy-based partnerships involve three major phases: discovery, build and ongoing execution.


The discovery phase — usually the first month — starts with the kick-off meeting, during which we gather your team’s tribal knowledge to get us off to a running start. From there we conduct the market and competitive research needed to define your position and branding and build out the messaging, channels, tools and tactics that ultimately comprise your marketing roadmap.


With the strategic platform defined through the discovery process, it’s time to build everything we need to successfully activate. This phase can include anything from website redesign and collateral refresh to marketing automation onboarding and sales intake training.

Ongoing execution

Once your new marketing foundation is in place, we shift into the execution phase. This is when we launch the campaigns, split test, analyze and iterate. Marketing is an ongoing process of optimization, which means that results tend to gain momentum and compound over time as we have more data and insights to build on.

While we tailor our account management style to the preferences of our clients, a typical cadence includes:

  • Weekly huddles: 15-20 minute calls to review work on deck, wins and approvals
  • Monthly reports and L10 meetings: recap of results from the month, scorecard assessment and plan review
  • Quarterly meetings: high-level reviews to ensure key goals and deliverables are on track; 90-day goal setting and plan updates


“I was really impressed with the amount of ownership [Simple Machines] took in the results. Every time they reported results, they were prepared to talk about their plan for improving the campaign – even if the numbers in front of me already looked great.”

Jim Anderson, CEO, Switchfast Technologies

Jim Anderson, CEO, Switchfast Technologies

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