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If you’ve tried a few things on the marketing front with contractors or freelancers and the results aren’t cutting it, we’re the agency you graduate to.

By developing a strong understanding of your business and combining it with our marketing expertise and resources, we help you tackle your big challenges head-on and grow your business.

Make no mistake though, hiring a marketing agency is an investment in time, money, and other resources. Below are some common questions we hear from folks before we work together.

If your company is looking to quantifiably grow the business, drive more leads, has a sales resource to handle those leads and is open-minded and committed to creative marketing solutions, we’re probably a good fit. We primarily work with clients in B2B industries such as tech, manufacturing, business and professional services (fields such as print, shipping, real estate, consultants) and non-profit organizations who have proven business models and are generating > $3 million dollars in revenue.

Our clients that experience the most and sustained success are committed to our process, share with us clearly defined goals and understand there are no quick-fixes or silver bullets.

We understand that we are appreciated by lots of people, but not everyone, so if we find we’re not a good fit for each other, we’ll help point you to someone else who might be.

Phil Jackson. Pat Summit. Bill Belicheck. A few of the most successful coaches in sports. Do you think they won by simply showing up on game day and saying “Ok team, get out there and win”? No way!

They analyzed their team’s strengths and weaknesses, studied the competition, developed a game plan and practiced leading up to the main event. Having a strong strategy is a crucial first step to marketing success as it puts the team in the best position to succeed going forward. We all need to know how we’ll win.

How involved you’d like to be is up to you. We have hands-off “just show me the numbers” type clients, and we’ve got clients who work with us on a daily basis. At a minimum we ask clients to attend scheduled meetings, for access to the people, platforms and information that allow us to deliver great work and that work is reviewed in a timely manner. Our typical clients spend between 5-10 hours per week working with us.

Ah, the million-dollar question. Because the easiest way to shape the outcome at the end is to frame the purpose at the beginning, we work with clients to create mutually agreed-upon goals for what successful results need to look like, and then we are accountable to that.

The speed to results is often dependent on the marketing tactic and the goal of the tactic. For instance, if your goal is to grow brand awareness, that’s not something that happens overnight. Some marketing channels produce results immediately, whereas others take time to build momentum (see above about no silver bullets.)

For inbound marketing activities, a recent HubSpot study reports that 65% of respondents saw a measurable increase in lead generation within four months.

Like Quickbooks is to accounting, or a CRM is to sales, HubSpot is to marketing. It’s a platform that allows us to do work more efficiently by automating manual tasks. While using HubSpot isn’t a requirement, it is strongly suggested and definitely makes everyone’s lives easier by consolidating all the tools we’ll be using in one place. And, according to a Focus Research study, the likelihood you see ROI faster is greater.

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