Marketer takes notes from Simple Machines' Top Blogs of 2020

You don’t need me to remind you what twists and turns this past year has brought. Throughout them, marketing and sales professionals have had to revise their strategies and focus on digital channels and virtual networking.

To help navigate these necessary shifts, our content largely focused on ways to enhance your marketing efforts in the digital space. Of the blogs we published in 2020, these five were the most viewed.

1. Marketing During a Pandemic

I’d be lying if I said this was a surprise. With the pandemic being a pivotal moment for businesses this past year, one thought on every marketers’ mind was “what do I do now?!”

While we are nine months into the pandemic, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping in mind key marketing needs for your customers.

How to do it.

2.How to (Efficiently) Analyze Hotjar Recordings

With more people opting to shop online, your website is more important than ever. But do you know how well it’s performing?

Hotjar provides insights on your website such as behavior analytics and heatmap tracking, so you can determine how your customers are interacting with your website.

While this tool can help you make strategic decisions to optimize your website, it can also become a time-consuming undertaking. From how to make a plan for collecting insights into the features and shortcuts that can shave hours off your analysis, we’ve shared our tips to get the most from the time you invest in Hotjar.

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3. 5 Examples of Customer Success Pages

customer success checklist

82% of people read reviews about local businesses, with the average consumer reading 10 reviews before feeling ready to trust a business. So it’s imperative that your customer success pages are accessible, trustworthy and attention-grabbing.

We’ve rounded-up five examples of customer success pages, including examples for testimonials, reviews and videos, so you can learn from what they did right.

See the customer success pages.

4. Employee Engagement Strategies that Drive Sales

Employees engaged looking at computer together

The right employee engagement strategy can not only increase employee engagement; it can increase your sales and boost profitability.

We compiled four tactics to add to your internal marketing strategy this year so you can boost morale and increase employee satisfaction while working towards your sales goals.

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5. Lead Scoring Best Practices

If you haven’t incorporated lead scoring into your sales and marketing strategy, 2021 is the year to bring this into the mix. To help you get started (or refine what you already have in place), our Chief Strategy Officer, Charlie Nadler, has shared his biggest tips and lessons learned. Plus, some of his mistakes that you can avoid.

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Bonus Blogs: More Must-Reads

In addition to our top new blogs from this year, we have some blogs that continue to be top-visited pages month over month. While they were originally written prior to 2020, the lessons and tips are still applicable and beneficial for marketers.

Make sure to bookmark these for later, too:

  1. How to Promote Your Next Event on Instagram: While in-person events are still up in the air, Instagram is a great place to promote virtual events you’re both hosting and attending.
  2. LinkedIn Profiles That Follow Best Practices: As more networking events go virtual, it’s important to make sure your LinkedIn is up-to-date. We’ve rounded up examples of profiles that are following best practices so you can learn from the experts.
  3. How to Use Reverse IP Lookup for B2B Prospecting: Reverse IP lookup can help with everything from identifying new prospects to nurturing existing leads. Learn more with this how-to blog.
  4. How Small Business Owners Can Use Their LinkedIn to Bring in New Leads: With 80% of social media leads for B2B businesses coming from LinkedIn, it’s important to make sure you’re effectively using this channel.
  5. How Long Does it Take to Make a Marketing Plan: As our top blog of 2019, it’s no surprise this is still a top-visited blog. We’re breaking down the time commitment and what it entails on this must-read.

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