Project Description

Case Study

A regional take on marketing an international organization

How does an international company successfully target prospects throughout the world? They think like a local.

Dalmec, an international manufacturer of industrial manipulators and lifting devices with US headquarters in Bloomingdale, IL, was struggling to reach potential customers online. With their marketing and web presence tied to their Italian headquarters, they weren’t effectively speaking to or targeting the North American market.

With a limited search engine visibility and a digital presence that didn’t appeal to the expectations North American visitors had for an organization’s website, Simple Machines set out to develop a regionally-focused plan to help Dalmec build awareness and generate leads with buyers in the United States and Canada.

After developing an in-depth marketing strategy, which included audience and competitive analysis along with recommended channels and tactics, Simple Machines built a dedicated North American website with a responsive design to better meet the needs and expectations of their regional visitors.

Along with making SEO improvements and creating search-friendly content for the blog, a new Google Ads campaign was launched to target members of their market who had previously been unreachable due to mismatched targeting and inconsistencies in the language used by buyers of industrial manipulators.

Since launching the new North American website, Dalmec has seen its organic search traffic grow exponentially month after month.

Part of this increased organic traffic is thanks to increases in keyword visibility. Since August 2016, 29 targeted keywords have experienced improved searched visibility, with 15 keywords appearing on the first page of search results.

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on the first page of Google
0 positions
Average increase in page rank
0 leads
generated by Google Ads

Thanks to the increased search visibility and the success of the Google Ads campaign, Dalmec has seen the number of qualified leads continue to increase over time.

Client Profile

Dalmec is an international manufacturer of industrial manipulators and lifting devices with US headquarters in Bloomingdale, Illinois. Founded in Italy over 50 years ago, today they have offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Dalmec produces custom, long-lasting industrial manipulators that allow manufacturers to move materials in a safe and precise fashion.


Dalmec was struggling to reach their target audience online, as their marketing efforts were tied to the international (Italian) version of their website. They were managing a Google Ads campaign, but weren’t seeing much traction from it. With the goal of better targeting North American leads, Dalmec reached out to Simple Machines for assistance.


As part of the development of a strategic marketing plan, Simple Machines completed in-depth research into Dalmec’s market and competitors. As a result of the research and strategy recommendations, a new North American website was developed so that we could focus on targeting and growing this segment of website traffic. In addition to the new website, a revitalized Google Ads campaign was launched and HubSpot marketing automation software was integrated into their website so leads could be better tracked and marketed to. Since launching the website, organic traffic and keyword ranking has steadily risen and qualified leads have been consistently turning to Dalmec to learn more about their offerings.