ACOEP’s Spring Seminar

Event Website, Collateral & Branding for Healthcare Membership Organization

The American College of Osteopathic Physicians (ACOEP) is an organization that offers various events for its members throughout the year. From educational seminars to professional trainings, the events range in size from small courses to large format conferences, one of the largest being their Spring Seminar which takes place annually

From boosting attendance to developing on-site collateral to ensure a smooth conference, we develop a wide range of pre- and during-event materials. To begin, we help establish a theme for the conference, which is then utilized throughout all materials for Spring Assembly. We then carry this theme throughout all collateral, including the conference brochure, programs, wayfindings, name badges, website and more.

Work Completed:

  • Design Palette & Conference Branding
  • Image Research & Recommendations
  • Collateral Development: Brochure, On-Site Programs, Signage, Name Badges
  • Coordinating Conference Website

Project Pieces