Corporate Concepts

Inbound and Content Marketing, Strategy and Sales Development

Founded in 1983 by Victoria Hansel, Jennifer Cusack and Larry Zerante, Corporate Concepts has grown to become the 14th-largest women-owned firm in Chicago, certified by the Women’s Business Development Council.

A provider of high-quality business furniture solutions, Corporate Concepts works with architects, designers and end-users to help create work spaces that companies are proud to call home.

When Corporate Concepts reached out to Simple Machines, they were interested in discovering their market niche, solidifying brand messaging, supplementing their in-house design and capitalizing on local events. Their expectations were that we would help them evolve to become a leader in their industry.

Work Completed:

  • Website Strategy
  • Wireframes
  • Site Structure & Architecture Recommendations
  • Design Palette & Custom Website Design
  • Website Traffic Analysis
  • Logo Update
  • SEO Management
  • Blog Redesign and HubSpot Development

Online Samples:

Project Pieces