Account-Based Marketing

Drive revenue from high value accounts with targeted prospecting.

If your best leads are comprised of a limited pool of high value accounts, you may need to take a more narrow, focused approach to lead generation to see success.

With account-based marketing (ABM), sales and marketing work closely together to target and nurture a contained set of accounts — using hyper-personalized messaging and cross channel tactics designed to attract and convert your strongest opportunities.

How it works

Account-Based Marketing is a newer term for an approach we’ve been helping clients grow demand with for years. Effective campaigns rely on more than picking a target and throwing up an ad. Our team of strategists work to carefully define the best account opportunities for your business, build the plan for how to reach and speak to them on a personalized level and provide the resources to execute your plan and analyze the results.

Account-Based Marketing services include but are not limited to:

  • Account-focused traditional and digital advertising
  • Direct mail and personalized letters
  • Geotargeting and geofencing
  • Events and trade show support
  • Sales enablement and collateral development
  • Marketing automation and technology support

Featured Project


“Simple Machines have been an invaluable partner to us in the execution of our marketing strategy. Their depth of expertise, professionalism, flexibility, and (most importantly) their results-driven performance, have made them an ideal partner.”

Alex Gianaras, Richard Gray’s Power Company

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