Sales Enablement

Close more deals faster with sales enablement services.

Demand generation is keeping your pipeline full of leads. Great! Now, how do you make sure your marketing and sales teams are aligned and your sales team is putting their time to the most efficient, revenue-generating tactics to close those leads and maximize ROI?

With sales enablement services, your sales team is armed with the sales strategy, technology, processes and content that empower them to sell more effectively. And with studies showing that nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales over non-nurtured leads, it’s no surprise that sales enablement has become a popular companion to business marketing initiatives.

Is sales enablement right for you?

Below are some of the common questions and challenges that indicate a need for sales enablement services:

Engagement Confusion

“Are prospects reading my emails and clicking the links I send?”

“How do I better prioritize which leads are worth more time and which I should let go?”

Content Deficiency

“I want to follow up, but I don’t know what to send.”

“I don’t feel armed with the right pieces to be helpful.”

Need for Speed

“How do I make it easier to respond to questions and schedule meetings?”

“It would be helpful to be able to time my next steps with more purpose.”

How can our sales enablement services help?

Simple Machines will work closely with your sales team to define a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Together, we determine the most effective way to nurture those leads based on where they are in the sales process, and define when it’s time to pass them on to sales. Then, we build out the sales strategy, process, technology and content you need to focus on the most qualified leads and accelerate your sales operation.

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How It Works

Content Creation and Management

Audit existing content

Involve sales team

Create and optimize new content

Develop feedback loop

Measure content performance


Convert web traffic to leads

Create template email responses

Auto-respond to contacts

Automate email follow-up with sequences for key triggers

Use lead scoring to define most qualified prospects

Increase Response and Success Rate

Use workflows to trigger fast, contextual responses

Streamline and automate scheduling for sales meetings

Minimize administrative work with HubSpot free CRM and Sales software

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