Marketing Strategy & Planning

Everything starts with your strategy. It better be good.

A strategic marketing plan is more than just a list of tactics

It takes into account the many variables that can impact your business’s growth, like the inner-workings of your company, the market you’re trying to reach, your competition and differentiators. This insight is critical for determining the strongest opportunities to pursue.

Here’s how we create a plan to help you reach your goals faster.

Get to know your target market inside out

We’ll research analyze your market from every angle and build out detailed buyer personas so you know exactly who you’re trying to reach, how they behave, where they can be reached and the concerns, challenges, goals and trends that affect their decisions. This isn’t fly-by research dressed up as a “deep dive” — we use a systematic approach to combine the market trends, demographics and consumption behavior with first-hand qualitative research to create a thorough, well-rounded understanding of your target market.

Define your positioning

We’ll assess and prioritize the best opportunities to compete by analyzing your strengths and weaknesses – and auditing your existing marketing and sales assets – in the context of your market and competitive landscape. By defining your positioning in the market, we set the tone for your brand, image and messaging that will attract and resonate with your target buyers.

Deliver a growth plan that can be executed immediately

With all of these elements in place, we’ll develop your marketing roadmap — the goals, key performance indicators, scorecard and ROI framework that will be used to measure success, along with a phased project plan that includes the messaging, digital marketing strategy, offline channels and tactics, budgets, resources and timelines required to hit your goals.

Ready to get started?

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