HubSpot Service Hub vs Zendesk

How much does it cost to acquire a new customer? On average, acquisition costs five times more than retaining an existing customer, so you don’t want to lose them.

Thriving businesses are winning on user experience. A happy customer is likely to become a loyal customer which will boost your revenue. The best marketing money can buy is a brand evangelist who’s devoted to your business, promotes your company through word-of-mouth and acts as an advocate for your product or service.

While most businesses today understand the importance of positive customer experiences, there can be a gap when it comes to putting the idea into practice. HubSpot Service Hub is designed to close it.

Let’s walk through how Service Hub brings all your customer service data and channels together on one platform, so you can efficiently onboard, support, retain and grow your customer base.

The Benefits of Using Service Hub

Customers today expect personalized, 24/7 service at the touch of their fingertips, which means investing in their user experience is critical. According to Birdeye, companies that successfully boosted customer retention rates by as little as 5% saw their earnings increase by 25-95%.

The best way to transform your customers into promoters is by consistently providing a high-quality user experience. Here’s how Service Hub makes that happen:

  • Feedback Surveys: It’s no secret that one of the most effective ways to improve your product or service is by listening to what your customers have to say. With the feedback surveys tool, you can collect information around your customer support experience, overall satisfaction and company loyalty. Not only will this allow you to make strategic business decisions, but you can also repurpose positive reviews as marketing collateral – with permission, of course!
  • Tickets: When a customer needs help, it’s hard to know their history and provide the right service without useful context. HubSpot’s ticket system gives your customers the option to reach out with their issue – and a platform for you to capture, manage and resolve problems in no time.
  • Knowledge Base: A resource library is a simple way to provide your customers with answers to commonly asked questions without overloading your support team. In fact, over 60% of US consumers prefer self-service for simple customer service tasks. Having high-quality content on the web is not only beneficial to your customers, but will also increase your brand awareness and boost your SEO.
  • Chat Features: Consumers expect to get information quickly and effortlessly; if they can’t, they get frustrated and turn to a competitor. Live chat allows your audience to contact your team easily and get answers quickly. In addition, you can create a 24/7 chatbot support system that can automatically create tickets, qualify leads and schedule meetings, enhancing the user experience and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Snippets & Templates: When sending messages through live chat, you might find yourself sending the same message over and over again — an introduction like, “Hi, nice to meet you. My name is,” or answers to common questions (like your business hours or your phone number). To save you time from typing those out repeatedly, you can use snippets. Similarly with email, chances are you’ll get a few emails that require the same responses. For this reason, you can create templated emails to avoid repetition and save yourself time.

By using these features you’ll achieve a higher level of service management which means happier customers.

Take Advantage of Service Hub Conversation Intelligence

Think about the last time you had a really great experience as a customer — now do the same for a recent poor experience. How were they different?

Positive customer experiences start with personalization. Conversation Intelligence built on HubSpot’s platform automates the data capture from service tickets and copies it directly to the contact profile, saving your team the hassle from doing it manually, and providing context for more personalized service touch points. With access to analyze ticket data and call transcripts, your team can improve your service strategy and deepen your customer relationships.

Choosing a Customer-First Service Hub

The customer experience is everything – and choosing the right customer service software is foundational to that experience. That’s why we’re seeing more and more service-focused software hitting the market. As you’re researching which one is right for your business, you might see two major players that sound familiar – ZenDesk and HubSpot.

While they both have helpful features, it’s important to choose the right platform for your specific needs. Let’s compare Zendesk vs HubSpot Service Hub:

HubSpot Service Hub

  • Delivers the full customer experience with tools for onboarding, support, retention and growth.
  • Offers unique features such as a shared inbox, feedback management, customer success and conversational intelligence.
  • Provides a complete view of the customer journey creating easy handoffs between marketing, sales and service.


  • Combines multiple products that focus solely on support and help desk tools.
  • Lacks the tools geared for customer onboarding and success.
  • Requires additional platforms for marketing and sales services.

We may be a little biased as a HubSpot Solutions Partner, but when it comes to Zendesk vs HubSpot Service Hub, the Service Hub’s success speaks for itself. One HubSpot Service Hub customer, Studio Designer, was using Zendesk to manage their customer service, but made the switch to HubSpot Service Hub to bring their sales, marketing and customer service under one platform. The result? Teams could respond to support questions easily, improving customer satisfaction and reducing time spent by 25%.

While HubSpot and Zendesk both have helpful features, it boils down to the fact that HubSpot goes beyond just providing service, helping to create a more positive customer experience overall.

Ready to Improve Your Customer Experience?

Customers of today are less patient, more demanding and have higher expectations – that’s why businesses are having a harder time retaining them. Keeping customers happy is the key for better engagement and returning sales, which is what Service Hub is all about.

If you think HubSpot’s Service Hub would be a helpful tool for your company, our team is here to help. Let our experienced trainers ensure that your platform is launched properly, and your employees are armed with the training they need to succeed. Contact us today to get started.