HubSpot Certified Trainer Spotlight

As a HubSpot solutions partner since 2015, one thing we’ve learned is that CRM adoption is one of the biggest and most important challenges we can help address for clients. To help in this capacity, we need to not only be proficient implementers but also savvy trainers who understand that getting buy-in has as much to do with culture and change management as it does with teaching technical skills.

HubSpot, recognizing this, developed a comprehensive curriculum and certification to be sure Academy-trained individuals are ready to help HubSpot clients get the most from the platform by fostering team learning and adoption that sticks.

Charlie Nadler, Chief Strategy Officer here at Simple Machines Marketing, has met the rigorous and specific criteria to become a HubSpot Certified Trainer. Certification is based on tactical knowledge surrounding digital marketing, inbound methodology, sales and customer support protocols and leveraging HubSpot’s capabilities.

Recently, Simple Machines and Nadler were part of a HubSpot case study. He was interviewed by HubSpot’s Vanessa Oguchi, Senior Partner Manager and HCT. Read the interview below:

HubSpot Certified Trainer Case Study

Agency: Simple Machines Marketing

HCT: Charlie Nadler

  • How has the HubSpot Certified Trainer program helped you and your agency?
    Before I went through the HubSpot Certified Trainer program, I was leading training sessions and essentially making up the rules as I went. The HCT program helped me to develop and systematize a more effective training approach that not only focuses on the software but is more fun and engaging. This has helped our agency deliver better training services, and it helps us differentiate ourselves which is key.
  • What results has your agency seen after becoming a HubSpot Certified Trainer?
    Having a HubSpot Certified Trainer in house has had a big impact in that it helps us add more value sell more robust solutions to clients. For example, rather than just a basic onboarding, we’re able to offer implementation and training with an HCT so that clients know they’re going to be able to use HubSpot to its potential.
  • Give us an example of something you did or changed because of the HubSpot Certified Trainer program.
    Before the training program, my approach was VERY down to business and software focused and I would cram too much information into sessions that went too long (and, in hindsight, were very dry). After the program, I learned to value of doing the pre-work to define learning objectives, breaking the sessions up into digestible bites and eliciting more interaction from the learners to ensure the training is sticking.
  • Tell us about a time you used training to achieve a goal.
    We had a goal to help a longtime client increase HubSpot adoption among the sales team following an upgrade to Sales Pro with in-person training. There was a big variance in how comfortable and open the salespeople were with the software, which presented some unique challenges. Thanks to the training, I was able to draw on some tools to gauge everyone’s comfort level, address hesitations head-on and get buy-in by aligning the solutions with their personal needs and goals. The feedback after the training was excellent and we’re seeing each member using the tools in a regular basis.
  • Anything else you want us to know about you or your agency, regarding training?
    Since going through the program, we’ve been doing more complex and multi-hub implementations and the need for effective training has become even more critical. Being able to draw on the HCT program has been a huge benefit – I’m not sure what I would have done otherwise.

Clearly, the HCT credential has proven valuable to Nadler and Simple Machines in many ways. As an agency, we’re even better equipped to develop training that’s tailored to our clients’ needs and handle extensive and complicated sessions that enable clients (and their businesses) to get the most out of HubSpot.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to take the first steps to working with an HCT, you can learn more about our HubSpot training services here. If it feels like a fit for your needs, we’d be happy to discuss how we might develop a training program for your business.