New Simple Machines Website

Marketing agency announces website redesign!

I know, it’s 2020. Not exactly a stop-the-presses situation.

Nevertheless, we’re excited about this one. The new website is the culmination of much soul-searching, research, planning and building. It’s been a fun process and it’s been a lot of work.

What’s New

First and foremost, we wanted to root out any ambiguity. To be useful, we felt our website needed to speak more directly to the types of businesses we’re best equipped to serve and to the specific ways in which we create the most impact.

Simple Machines is not a general, full-service agency that hopes to be all things to all companies.

We’re experts at helping B2B technology, manufacturing and service providers grow top line revenue. We’re a team of technologists who love using marketing and sales technologies like HubSpot and Drift to help sales teams close more deals. And we have a unique capacity for both leading big picture strategy and managing day-to-day execution.

This has been the case for some time, so we decided to lean in, embrace it and have the website reflect our position.

Our service offerings haven’t changed; we still offer the same variety of engagement types and solutions that drive awareness and demand for our clients. As we continue to expand our expertise with new marketing and sales technologies, we’ll be integrating those competencies into our offerings as well.

Thanks for visiting the new site – we hope you like it.