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With LinkedIn accounting for more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs, it’s an important part of any B2B content marketing strategy.

Having engaged, active employees on the channel can help with lead nurturing and relationship building, but if you want to drive traffic to your website from LinkedIn, you need a company LinkedIn page.

Once your company page has been established, you can use strategic content and employee engagement tactics to drive organic traffic to your page and build your audience.

First, let’s look at the importance of company pages.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of LinkedIn Company Pages

Company pages do more than just help establish your business credibility (though they’re important for that, too). With your company page, you can:

  • Link to employee pages
  • Post open jobs and recruit talent
  • Publish sponsored content
  • Create content with rich media and links
  • Support SEO efforts

On the other hand, some features cannot be used on a company page. These include:

  • Not connecting with personal profiles
  • Not engaging with other people’s content (except for your followed hashtags – keep reading for more on this)
  • Not sending messages
  • Typically receiving less engagement and reach

Because of these limitations, it’s important to have strategies in place to drive organic traffic to your page. Keep reading for five of our favorite tactics.

Optimize Your Company Page

While it might be tempting to slap your company name and logo on a page, it’s important to fully set up your profile. Pages with complete information get 30% more weekly views than pages that are incomplete.

When you create or update your company page, include the following:

  • Logo: Companies pages with logos get 6x more visits.
  • Cover image: If you need help creating one, Canva has free, easy-to-use templates.
  • Company description: Google previews up to 156 characters of this text, so make sure to include relevant keywords in the first sentences.
  • Location: Adding your location tells potential clients and hires exactly where you’re located.
  • Custom Button: Every business page gets one custom button option. You can choose between “visit website”, “contact us”, “learn more” and “sign up or register.” This button should be used strategically. For example, you may use “visit website” typically, but ahead of an event you’re hosting, you may update it to register.
  • Hashtags: Keep reading to see why these coveted hashtag spaces are so important!

Don’t forget to encourage your team to link their employment to your page. This helps drive their connections back to your page. While they’re making the updates, it’s a good time to remind them to optimize their personal page!

Post Consistently With High-Quality Content

Companies that post weekly see 2x more engagement on their content, so it would be irresponsible of me to not recommend posting high-quality content.

But what does high-quality content mean?

Over time, your analytics will show you what content drives engagement.

If you don’t have data to start from, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions shares insights on what content works well.

According to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, posts with photos see 2x more comments than those without photos. If you have access to video content, you should test it. Posts that utilize video see 5x more engagement than posts without video. Plus, live video gets 24x more engagement than traditional posting.

This update by our client, Corporate Concepts, has all the elements of a high-quality post:

Corporate Concepts Company LinkedIn Update Example

Let’s talk about what this post does well:

  • Media: The post uses an eye-catching picture, which promotes engagement.
  • Tagged businesses: The post tags two companies involved in the project, which encourages them to engage and share.
  • Hashtags: By using a mix of hashtags, they gain brand recognition while making their content more visible to their target audience.
  • CTA: They’ve used a call-to-action to DM them to schedule a tour. Some common CTAs include visiting a blog post, asking a question for people to respond to in the comments, using the polls feature or telling people to like if they agree.

Encouraging Employees to Engage With Your Company LinkedIn Content

People want to engage with other people. While there might technically be a person behind your company page, it’s not the same.

One effective way to drive traffic to your company page is by encouraging your employees to engage with your content. While this may sound simple, there’s more to it than just saying “please engage with our LinkedIn page” at your next all-company Zoom call.

Consider implementing the following.

Use the “Notify Employees” Button

Have you ever noticed that little button at the top of your new post that says “notify employees”?

Simple Machines Company LinkedIn Notify Employees Button Example

This is an effective way to share relevant updates with your employees. When clicked, LinkedIn sends a notification to all employees (another reason to encourage your team to connect their employment info to your company). The notification sends them to your post.

LinkedIn wants it to be used sparingly, so they only let you use it once a week. Save it for the most shareable content.

Tag Employees in Relevant Posts

You can also tag employees in posts, just make sure it makes sense for the post and that you have permission to tag them.

By tagging them, they’re more likely to engage with or share the post. Plus, it encourages their network to engage and look at your company profile.

Give Employees Time to Use LinkedIn

Empowering your customer-facing employees to go on LinkedIn for 10-15 minutes a day encourages them to engage with your company’s content. This also gives them time to interact with others and position themselves as a thought leader.

Follow Community Hashtags

As I mentioned earlier, your options to engage and connect with others through a company profile are limited. One way to get around this is by following community hashtags.

When setting up or editing your profile, look for the Community > Hashtags section. Here you can add up to three hashtags to your company profile. These three spaces are extremely important.

Simple Machines Company LinkedIn Community Hashtags Example

As a company, you’ll only have the option to see and respond to posts that use these hashtags. When a post under one of these hashtags is trending, page admins will receive a notification. Through this, you can react and respond to that post as your brand.

Because you can only choose up to three hashtags at a time – and yes, I recommend you use all three – it’s important to be intentional. If you’re unsure of which three to use, you can test and swap out them out over time.

Use the Targeted Audience Feature When Posting

Just like you can target an audience with a sponsored LinkedIn post, you can also target a specific audience with a LinkedIn update. This feature is only available for company pages with 300+ followers.

By targeting a more specific subset of your audience with hyper-focused content, you increase your likelihood of getting organic engagement. This engagement will pop up on your followers’ connections’ feed, introducing them to your page. This ultimately puts your content and your page in front of new potential followers.

To use this feature, click “start a post.” Under your company name, there will be a default drop-down menu that says “anyone.” Clicking this lets you select an option to target your audience.

Simple Machines Company LinkedIn Targeted Audience feature

When it comes to targeting, you get a wide variety of options. Keep in mind, your estimated audience needs to remain at about 300 people to use a targeted audience, so if you narrow down too much you might not be able to use this feature.

Make sure you don’t overdo it with this tool. If you use it on every post, you risk getting lost due to over-targeting.

Just Get Started

If you want to drive organic traffic to a company LinkedIn page, just getting started goes a long way. Posting consistently and encouraging your team to engage can make a big impact while you figure out the other details.

If you’re still struggling with where to start, or maybe you started but your growth plateaued, we know a team that can help.