IphoneMobile optimization, the creation or editing of mobile websites to ensure that they look great and function properly on all mobile devices, can make or break your chances of converting mobile users. With the majority of American adults now owning smartphones (58% as of January 2014, according to the Pew Research Center), it’s crucial that your website is not only search engine optimized, but that it is also conversion optimized, as well. Conversion optimization is the method of creating an experience for a website visitor with the end goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers. Websites that have been properly conversion optimized will experience conversion rates worth getting excited about.

Have you optimized your website for mobile, but struggled to see any payoff in terms of your conversion rate? Check out our recommendations for increasing your mobile conversions using conversion optimization techniques below.

What steps can you take make sure your mobile website is conversion optimized?

1. Make it as easy as humanly possible for a visitor to get to the information they are looking for.The quicker they find information, the higher the chances are that they will convert. Entrepreneur hit the nail on the head with this advice: “it should take no more than two clicks to reach anywhere on the site.” In other words: fewer clicks = a higher mobile conversion rate.

2. With one in three mobile searches having local intent,you should strive for local applicability. A study fromGoogle/Nielsen found that location proximity was crucial for mobile conversions, with 71% of mobile users using a store locator to find a store location.

So how do you focus your conversion optimization efforts to appeal to the local consumer? Adding location-based search capabilities – like store locators – will help site visitors find your brick and mortar locations quickly. Developing content based on location can prove useful; a visitor to a clothing store website in Florida will have different interests and needs than a visitor checking the site from Chicago).

3. Make contacting your company a breeze. One in three smartphone users are searching specifically for contact information, such as phone numbers, maps, and driving directions. Aside from making this information easy to find, how can you use this information to boost conversions? Use a click-to-call function to allow visitors to immediately call you (they are on a phone, after all). Allow for your visitors to be able to connect to a map application, like Google Maps, to be able to pull up directions to your company from their current location, without needing to manually input the address themselves.

4. Don’t expect visitors to type. If you’ve ever needed to manually fill out forms or search fields on a mobile website, you know how frustrating it can be. Whenever possible, use pre-populated options in drop down menus to help speed up the process of filling out forms or search fields. If you have a search function for finding store locations, add the ability to automatically determine the closest location for visitors based on the current location according to their phone’s GPS.

5. Make mobile payments simple. Much like the issue of typing on mobile websites, entering payment information on a mobile device can be a slow and frustrating experience. Make your customer happy by keeping purchasing forms as short as possible; don’t ask for any superfluous information that isn’t required for a purchase to be fulfilled.

Allowing a variety of payment forms can also be incredibly beneficial to your mobile conversion rates. While many people will happily pay with their credit cards, some people may not have a credit card handy when they are ready to purchase or don’t feel comfortable putting in their credit card number if they’re out in public. Allowing payment through a payment site such as PayPal eliminates both of those barriers to purchasing, increasing your website conversions.

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Brittney Lane 
Simple Machines Marketing