trade shows for manufacturers

Trade shows bring with them some obvious benefits. In an ideal situation, you’re placed directly in front of distributors and buyers, giving you the opportunity to demo your product to any interested party who happens to pass by your booth.

The key word there is “ideal.” For every great trade show that opens up exciting new avenues for your business, there are at least five others that promise big returns only to fall flat.

For manufacturers in particular, the internet has made connecting with distributors and selling products to a widespread audience much easier than it once was. And while this does make trade shows less vital for some manufacturers, that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Instead, you need to be sure that the trade show you’re interested in can realistically help you achieve your marketing goals and offer you something other channels cannot. Just like other marketing channels, a trade show is a marketing tactic that needs to be carefully considered and plotted before committing — especially given the typically high price tags involved.

To help you assess, plan for and execute this channel, we’ve developed the Manufacturer’s Guide to Trade Shows, available for download now.

This expert guide, which draws from our experience helping manufacturing clients with their trade show marketing, will talk you through how to:

  • Decide if a trade show is the right fit for your organization with an easy-to-use questionnaire
  • Develop all the collateral (brochures, social media, a landing page and more) you need to promote your appearance and stand out among your competitors
  • Put on a great show that accomplishes your marketing goals

Take a look at this guide if you’re considering exhibiting at a trade show, have already committed and need some help figuring out where you should get started or are just curious about what it takes to pull off a successful trade show exhibit. Click the button below to download the guide today.

And, if you’ve decided to attend a trade show but not as an exhibitor, make sure to check out our tips on how to make the most of your trade show attendance.