(Occasionally we like to invite guest writers to weigh in on topics that we don’t regularly write about but that some of our readers may find useful. Today’s post comes from Mike Weimar, who provides some good insight regarding different display options for businesses marketing at trade shows.)

Trade Show

Depending upon your company’s trade show display needs, you will get more bang for your buck by choosing some components that will offer versatility if you use both indoor and outdoor setups throughout the year. With the warmer weather upon us, you may be taking part in trade shows or other events that take place outside. Today every dollar counts, so you want to maximize your trade show budget.

Many display elements are already geared toward outdoor use, while some can be used in outdoor situations with proper precaution. Outdoor displays are designed and built to hold up to wind, rain, heat or whatever else Mother Nature may throw at them. High-quality inks and special printing processes are used to ensure that your graphic displays will resist fading, even after repeated outdoor use.

Impress Your Potential Customers

It’s been said that the first impression can make or break a customer relationship. Whether indoors or outside, you want to put your best foot forward and present your company in a polished manner.

Consider the following six display types that can be useful in both indoor and outdoor situations with proper care and setup, helping your company maintain a polished look:

  • Canopy Tents. These tents are available in a variety of sizes and styles. A canopy is versatile in that it provides shade from the sun and a reprieve for potential customers from the blazing heat. This leaves you more opportunity to share the benefits and features of your products or services. Made of weather-resistant material that can be customized with your logo and graphics, these canopies will stand up to repeated outdoor use. For indoor use, they provide an inviting area that stands out from the crowd.
  • Outdoor Banner Stands. These stands come in a variety of styles that will work both indoors and out. Retractable display stands make it easy to transport, set-up, and store your displays until the next show. Stands that are weighted down with a water-filled base will help secure your displays and help prevent damage or injury caused by wind-blown or fallen displays.
  • Literature Stands. Regardless of whether you are inside or out, you need to have something to organize your brochures and printed materials. Using rocks to keep flyers from blowing off your table isn’t the professional appearance you’re striving for. There are a variety of literature stands to choose from to provide an attractive and secure display for your marketing collateral.
  • Expand MediaFabric Displays. For a quick setup with minimal effort, consider an Expand MediaFabric Display. In less than two minutes, you can easily set up this attractive printed backwall and start getting the message across to your future customers. The fabric backwall remains attached to the display frame making for teardown and storage in its convenient carrying bag.
  • Modular Displays. If you really want to attract attention, then a modular display may be just what you are looking for a stylish and sophisticated display. These displays can be adapted to different space constraints and are great for companies that frequently travel and exhibit at trade shows. They are very easy to transport and set up and will certainly draw an audience to your exhibit.
  • Tabletop Displays. For tight spaces, tabletop displays are another option. These are also ideal for smaller companies with limited budgets. You can choose from pop up, fabric, or folding tabletop displays that put your message front and center. Combined with other options, such as a canopy tent, tabletop displays can be adequately sheltered from many outdoor elements.
  • Truss Displays. For a sturdy and versatile display that show attendees will be sure to notice, consider a truss display. These units can be easily modified and can be incorporated into your existing display elements or used as a standalone display unit. Truss displays are easy to set up and offer a variety of layouts for 10’ and 20’ spaces.

With the right combination of elements and accessories, you can easily transform your company’s display into one that can be used both indoors or at out. As your display needs grow, you will find that it is easy to expand most of these systems to meet those needs.

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About the Author

Mike Weimar is President of Iconic Displays, makers of a range of custom trade show displays.

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