What Is HubSpot Managed Service

If your business is using or planning to use HubSpot, there are several areas that might warrant hiring outside help. Some of these services are more easily understood than others.

HubSpot onboarding service, for example, is very much what it sounds like: help getting up and running with your software. Similarly, a HubSpot audit is pretty self-explanatory: you’re asking someone to review your portal and tell you where you need improvements.

But what about HubSpot managed service? What does this service entail, and who is a good fit for this type of arrangement?

In this post, we’ll take a look at what’s involved in HubSpot managed service, key benefits and how to determine if this service is right for your company.

Managed Service For Ongoing Optimization

In our definition of it, HubSpot managed service is the regular ongoing maintenance, updates, testing and recommendations that help organizations see better results from the software.

While our clients may have some resources in-house who are capable with HubSpot, they rely on us to be the experts who are staying at the forefront of platform capabilities and bringing that insight to find new and better ways to get more out of their subscription.

There’s also a less sexy, more janitorial aspect of our managed service.

The actual work of maintaining a clean, accurate and organized environment is not everybody’s idea of fun. This is stuff like purging hard bounces, deduplicating contacts and companies, pruning unused workflows and lists, organizing files and campaigns and other similar tasks. These are the types of things that are easy to push off for more urgent priorities – but over time make the difference between an accurate, scalable platform and a source of frustration and errors.

Here’s a closer look at our HubSpot managed service offerings:

Data management. This is the janitorial stuff – regular checks and upkeep that keep the portal clean, easy-to-use, organized and effective. We’ve got a checklist of maintenance items that we simply get done in the background, so our clients don’t have to worry about it.

Testing and optimization. HubSpot is continually rolling out new ways to test and measure within the platform – from landing pages and emails to workflows and more. These are incredibly useful for conversion optimization, but only if someone is actually taking advantage of them.

Dashboard and reporting updates. One of HubSpot’s key benefits is the ability to customize dashboards and reports for everything from full-funnel reporting and deal attribution and website analytics and sales activities. For most businesses, the dashboards and reports they need continue to evolve as their sales, marketing and operations scale.

Ongoing support and recommendations. One big reason clients choose to use us for managed service is to have someone who can stay on top of HubSpot updates and product releases, make recommendations and bring new ideas to the table, while also being available to respond to requests – both simple and complex.

Together, these services ensure our clients have the support and expertise they need to get the most from their HubSpot investment.

How Does HubSpot Managed Service Help Businesses?

There is plenty of research to support the effectiveness of marketing automation. According to one VentureBeat study, “Eighty percent of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase, and 77 percent saw the number of conversions increase.”

At the same time, a separate study showed “56% of marketing influencers find data management to be the most challenging marketing technology to implement.”

In other words, businesses that have a high-performance platform like HubSpot have the technology capable of helping them grow – along with the challenges and headaches that come with managing their data as they scale.

A managed service partner helps both alleviate the headaches and actualize the benefits.

I’m sure I’m not the first to use the analogy, but let’s say you just bought a brand-new luxury sports car. Over time, you’re going to need maintenance and care to keep it in good condition and retain its value. If you have the time, know-how and inclination to do the tune-ups, maintenance and repairs, great! Otherwise, a quality shop will more than pay for the service they perform.

How to Know If You Need HubSpot Managed Service

Not sure if your business is a fit for HubSpot managed service? Here are some factors to consider as you decide what’s right for you:

  • Is there an in-house HubSpot expert capable of managing the software and adoption for your business? (Related resource: Do You Need a HubSpot Admin?)
  • Is this person staying current on HubSpot through events, content, certifications and accreditations so that you’re benefitting from the latest and greatest the software has to offer?
  • Is someone on your team solely responsible for data management and accuracy?
  • Are your dashboards and reports actionable and reflective of your business priorities? Are they used to help inform business decisions?
  • Are you regularly using HubSpot to run tests and make improvements?
  • Are your assets clearly organized for ease of use?

If you’re able to answer yes to most of these questions, then you probably don’t need HubSpot managed service. If not, it’s at least looking into.

Interested in learning more about how Simple Machines can help? You can dig more into our HubSpot managed service detail here, or get in touch to schedule a time to talk!